At-home Learning in the Garden

This fall, many parents are considering homeschooling, perhaps for the first time, like me. It’s a daunting and somewhat overwhelming task to take on.

While curricula choices abound, some of it is pretty expensive and a little overwhelming. Plus, I don’t want to miss this opportunity to share what I’m passionate about with my kids, as well as explore what piques their curiosity. So how do you turn a passion into a legitimate educational opportunity and add it to your homeschool curriculum?

Small girl in a pink coat picking and tasting fresh peas in the garden.

Kinsey, my daughter, almost 2, in our garden picking peas. Studies have shown that kids eat more vegetables when they partake in growing them.

For me, an obvious passion to share is gardening. While some might think of it as a mere pastime or fun hobby, rather than a source of learning, it’s easy to tie in math, science, literacy, art and history, while developing a useful and perhaps even vital skill, which is growing your own food. Continue reading